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Jessica Leslie

Author, Mother, Traveller, Entrepreneur


Jessica Leslie is an entrepreneur, intuitive healer, retreat leader, certified travel coach, death doula, spiritual intuitive minister, and multi-bestselling author. 


She has dedicated her life to helping others discover their true potential and find fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. With a deep understanding of the power of sound healing, spiritual intuition, and transformative travel, she brings a unique perspective and approach to all she does.


She creates wellness retreats focusing on trauma and bereavement around adoption, infertility, and infant loss. The goal of her trips is to create community with others who are going through the same experiences, making death a more approachable topic. 


Jess also has a focus on purposeful travel, believing it is much more than going on a vacation. 


The possibility that travel might alter one's worldview is a notion that has greatly influenced her. We learn more about ourselves and the world around us when we venture out of our familiar environments and into those of others. Jess's approach to death and dying is novel, and it is her goal that it will encourage dialogue and lead people to useful resources.


Lastly, Jess has an extensive background in areas such as tourism, community development, event planning, and writing.  With everything she does, she wants to ensure that her clients have a positive and memorable experience. Join Jess and her team on this adventure of self-discovery and community building. 


We appreciate your interest and time, and we're so excited to meet you and collaborate with you to make the world a more inclusive, caring place.

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