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Inner Haven Retreats

If you're interested in planning or attending an Inner Haven Retreat, please email me at (insert email).

The basis of our Inner Haven Retreats will focus on relaxation and rejuvenation. We will focus each retreats on different types of trauma such as: narcissistic abuse, infertility/infant loss, divorce, death, career change, empty nest.  We are open to suggestions of what type of retreats you would like to see.  


We work with practitioners who will be leading different activities and exercises, while the healing path will focus on the overall facilitation and organization of the retreat. Our goal is for you to make lifelong friends and gain support you may not have otherwise.  Each attendee will leave our retreats with tools to help you acclimate back into the world after such an instrumental part of your healing.  In addition, you will have a curated care package to take home with you with that will remind you of how brave and strong you are and you each hold your own power within you to heal. 

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