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A Note From Jess

I'm Jess: a certified travel coach, a chaplain, and a death doula, with experience working in hospitality and event planning.


My background in travel and hospitality has allowed my to create meaningful wellness retreats focusing on trauma and bereavement.  

My passion is fueled by my need for understanding that trauma and bereavement is all around and this taboo subject should be brought to the forefront to help navigate what we call life. 

I believe mindfulness in the workplace is the key to success, a tenet I live out through my interests in yoga, meditation, cooking, and traveling. 

I am currently working on my wellness retreats, work as a chaplain, doing some culinary travel work, and also staying busy with my 2 daughters, Charlotte and Willow, and taking care of our 13 goats and 2 pigs!



Teresa Butterfield

"I have known Jessica for a few years now and each time I think of her…my heart smiles.  She is ABSOLUTE LOVE. Her heart is true and her essence is pure. The love is seen through her eyes, heard in her voice, and witnessed through her loving touch as a healer or a warm hug as a friend. Jessica is authentic! She is committed to shining light…what she carries within her heart she gives humbly. To know Jessica is a blessing. She is a gift to this world as she is truly gifted."

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