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UK Singer Songwriter Jessica Leslie


Jessica Leslie fuses various genres from Soul, R&B, Jazz and Rock, as an expression of her true Artistry – an eclectic sound. She proudly introduces her long-awaited Debut Album ‘Revealed’ by far her greatest work to date.

Her hard work has seen her perform at some of London’s most prestigious Music Venues; she has performed at the Peacocks Theatre and The Royal Festival Hall. Her distinguishable talent has also open doors for her to perform in various countries around the world –outside the UK, Jessica Leslie has performed in France, Italy and Japan. She recently developed an interest in Classical Music; Jessica Leslie has performed as part of a Classical Ensemble with a Symphony Orchestra, conducted by the world renowned François Xavier Roth.


In 2016, Jessica Leslie collaborated with talented London base trio of producers K. Collective on the track ‘I Need You’ a modern contemporary Ballad. It was included on a compilation album featuring other emerging gifted Artists. ‘I Need You’ demonstrates Jessica’s powerful vocal abilities and range – she is force to be reckoned with.

Jessica Leslie with london producers in music recording studio

By her own admission, Jessica Leslie was shy as a child, but singing and her Christian Faith was integral to her overcoming this. She explains “at 10 years of age I joined the local children’s choir, it’s then that I discovered I could hold a tune better than the average person which gave me a huge confident boost.” Her Faith is boldly and cleverly conveyed in her Music; people of all different walks of society can engage with her Gift. Jessica Leslie has some experience in partaking and leading a Gospel Choir more specifically an UK Gospel Choir of approximately 30 individuals.


In late 2015, Jessica Leslie released a Christmas Single ‘Only One’ it was available as a free download on her website. A melodic ballad reflecting the message of the true meaning behind Christmas. Like other Christmas worship songs it celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ.

jessica leslie Christmas worship songs


In late 2014; after a 2 year break to focus on her Studies, Jessica Leslie went back into a music recording studio subsequently, released her single ‘Neglected You’. It received positive feedback from listeners and critics alike. It was awarded an outstanding 10/10 by Cross Rhythms a Music Website UK accompanied by the comments; ‘a masterly arrangement and production and one spine-tingling moment when the piano, rhythm and choir cut away and Jessica calls out to the Spirit to bring her to repentance make this one of the best and most inventive tracks I’ve heard for many a long day’.

jessica leslie neglected you


The London based Singer/Songwriter independently released her breakthrough EP ‘Salt and Light’ under the name Jessica Seri in 2011 at just 20 years of age; it proved to be one of the most successful releases in the UK Christian/Gospel Genre that year.

The first single of her debut EP entitled ‘Set Apart’ was an instant hit; both the simplicity of the track as well as the Neo-Soul and Jazz Groove to it; undoubtedly contributed to its popularity and success. It received a considerable amount of air play on some of the UK’s leading Christian Radio UK; Premier Christian Radio where Jessica was invited to perform on Premier’s live and unsigned & United Christian Radio (UCB Radio) for unsigned artists. A debut music video was filmed and edited by Leading London based Video Production Company -Trail Pictures. The video debuted on national television in the UK; to date, it has aired in many other countries around the world.

“The first release from the 20 year old, ‘Set apart’ got a lot of attention in 2011 with its straightforward message over a “neo-soul beat”. Now we have the EP with five tracks and with additional intro, interlude and remix. Jessica demonstrates that she is more adventurous than some of her contemporaries (other Christian Artists). ‘He Loves Me’ is even simpler than ‘Set Apart’ while ‘Join’ is up-to-the-minute R&B with an infectious groove. The outstanding track is ‘Like David’, present with an aggressive electric guitar while the remix moves towards a more R&B feel. Clearly, Jessica has both the voice (demonstrated on the ballad ‘God’s Love’) and the musical awareness to connect with a broad audience.”

Cross Rhythms – Review of ‘Salt and Light’